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Immunizations are one of the best ways of protecting yourself from a contagious disease. Nahla Chirco, FNP, a board-certified family nurse practitioner at Maryvale Family Practice in Phoenix, Arizona, provides some  immunizations. She also offers B12 injections, birth control management, and testosterone. 

Immunizations Q&A

What are immunizations?

Immunizations are a medical treatment that aims to enhance your immune system so it can protect you from common contagious diseases. Immunization occurs through vaccines, which may be given as an injection, nasal spray, liquid, or pill.

Most vaccines contain small amounts of a weakened or dead germ known to cause illness. When introduced to your body, your immune system recognizes the germ as a foriegn substance and creates antibodies to kill it.

If you come in contact with the germ again, your immune system recalls the antibodies, which then attack the germs so you don’t get sick. This is called “having immunity” against the germ. 

How do I know which vaccinations I need?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has an immunization schedule. The types of vaccines you need depend on your age, vaccination history, health exposures, health risks, and occupation.

The family practice also offers the annual flu vaccine . The flu is a contagious virus that affects the respiratory system. Getting your annual flu shot may prevent you from getting sick or lessen the severity and duration of your illness if you do get the flu. 

Are immunizations safe?

Immunizations are safe. Before being offered to the general public, vaccines go through many clinical trials to assess their safety and effectiveness.

Most importantly, getting vaccinated improves your immune function and protects you from diseases that may cause serious harm or even death. 

Vaccinations also improve community immunity, which protects those who can’t get vaccines because of allergies or a compromised immune system. 

When most healthy people are immune to a disease, the germ has a harder time passing from person to person. This may help prevent passing a germ to someone who isn’t immune. Then, over time, the disease may disappear altogether. 

What other services can help me manage my health?

Maryvale Family Practice takes a patient-centered approach to care and focuses on providing treatments that promote health and prevent symptoms and disease. 

In addition to immunizations, Nahla offers B12 injections to address nutritional deficiencies and testosterone therapy to treat low testosterone. 

To schedule your immunizations, call Maryvale Family Practice or book an appointment online today.